Mark your 1st wedding anniversary with fantastic gift ideas

The traditional theme of first wedding anniversary is paper. If you are planning to celebrate your first anniversary of marriage together or if you know a couple who is planning to celebrate their one year of marriage, then gift ideas relating to paper is numerous. Why don’t you purchase tickets for an upcoming movie? Give a wife a voucher for a day at the spa, a wooden photo frame with a meaningful photograph and a message or a book she was longing to purchase her all-time favorite book. All these gift suggestions will work if you are looking for the traditional gift ideas. When it comes to the new gifts, the theme for the one year is a clock. So you can give her a wooden clock crafted in the shape of a heart.

Gifts for the first anniversary are worth making special, but you may consider choosing the perfect gift is a bit difficult. However, both of you are still studying about the taste and preferences of each other. So make sure you don’t fail, as this is the first anniversary out of the many wedding anniversaries and it is worth getting the perfect one.

An excellent way to begin the day of your first anniversary would be to enjoy a lovely breakfast together with her favorite juice. To get a special touch, place an adorable red rose dipped in gold on the breakfast tray. She would be impressed by the sweet gesture and beauty of the rose. It is the perfect rose gift to express your true love and start the day. As this is the beginning of your lives together as a couple that is the main reason to reveal your spouse how much you love and cares for her. Lavish your lovely wife with presents through the special day.